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f:Kelsey Hendrickson

f:Rëmŷ Slímm

Jilliey Billiey

salman farooq

life is short live it as much as u can :-/

f:Kelsie Mcclenon


I am a student,I love to sing, dance, do karate, draw, be me, wattpad, and act

f:Danni Thompson


I'm a goofy easy going person who loves everybody, ask me anything, just be yourself

f:Sachin Jain

f:Audreyaunna Cetta

f:Kayrie Nora Kakegamic


f:Meghan Black



f:Jesse N Jovana Casillas

Sabal Gallo

What's shakin?! I'm 22 years old, a musician, writer, and orange belt in Taekwondo! I'm also witty and random and easy to befriend. Keep it clean and respectf..

cr seven


f:Alyssa Blessing

f:Ed Lynch

My Photo: Truckee and I riding our stallions through a park in Mexico City. 1. prebirth memories 2. one among three brothers and seven sisters 3. abused by C..



plz follow and keep calm plz shout me out and thanks all who do follow me means alot to me

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