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happy bday to me!!

✩ all i need is @Louis_tomlinson and @Lukasmarqs ✩

Cali Hood

i know a thing or two about parodying a parody account. girl parody of @imcaIum5sos


poxa vida larry ta la vivendo feliz se comendo o dia todo enquanto você tá ai, sentada em uma cadeira falando que não

Ysabela Susara

So Bitchachos I'm A Human Obviously so I'm writing this for no absolute reason even though I know you ain't gonna ready this shit so yeah... KEEP ROCKING THE..


Hey you! Are you a banker, 'cause i want you to leave me a loan):):). The number of followers doesnt make up who you are! Dont stress. LoVE ANotHeR LLAmA!


• since '98 •South Africa •music child

1D Brasil

f:Triin Lillsoo


kristyn lawrence

If you dont have nothing nice to say, dont say NOTHING at all!!!!!

I am a musician who likes jamming and writing songs with anyone who can sing and play. I also like writing poetry and painting.

Hi I love One Direction ive been a DIRECTIONER ❤️since 2010 in the XFactor i3/51D goal 1,000F xbox : Directioner23r4


idk man i just like @mayberryband and pizza Taylor Swift|Hayley Williams|Chrissy Costanza if you dont like them, we can't be friends ❤️11-15-14❤️ A LOT OF BANDS

adriana hosri

instagram:adrianahosri. Directioner,lovotic,and 5sos fan, fav youtube chanal, them 3 boys❤️

f:Daisha Bush


what I gotta do to please you, bastards? 0/5

mary Hutchison


I lied



Emi Lillin



#OneDirection #JustinBieber #NCIS


Just LOVE don't HATE...

tysm Ricky

An irish boy ruined my life and I'm absolutely ok with that • 9/06/14 ricky followed

madison sheftz

all my life you stood by me when no one else was ever behind me all these lights they cant blind me with your love nobody can drag me down

Brianna Clow


Kaitlyn Stylinson

I ship Larry harder then they have buttsex


f:Ashlyn Reah Duncan

yeahh, i mean i love you, but it doesnt matter to you <..3

Kayla Styles

i always wanted to see one direction they are my life. everyone may say they are gay, stupid, ect. but directionators never take me down! I LOVE 1D FOREVER!!

Heart Beats Harder

I sing with life! will marry those 4 British & 1 Irish boy from the band called One Direction (0/5)

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