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Olivia Maisie Styles

f:Eyruselem Jones

layne marie

Hi I love One Direction ive been a DIRECTIONER ❤️since 2010 in the XFactor i3/51D goal 1,000F xbox : Directioner23r4

I like dogs, and i love to sing


i am a one directioner and im sorry if u dont like them but i also love horses so there will be alot on that too if u follow me i will follow back i promise ❤️

f:Mayara Prado


I am a fun loving 12 year old girl:3

f:Elise Cook

Denise Aldrich

f:Jenny Smilie

Megan London

Vas Happenin'? I love 1D!!! Fabulouis, PhenomiNiall, Amazayn, BrilLiam, ExtraordinHarry. One Direction + The Janoskians = Perfection 333 ~;]]

ShaylaArchie -Styles

notice me @onedirection !!!! gymnastics ,track ,volleyball ,cheerleading !!!!!! YOU OBVIOUSLY LOVE ONE DIRECTION

Sarah Lockaby

Lindsey McQuain

One Direction. One Direction. One Direction. One Direction. One Direction. One Direction. One Direction. One Direction. & guess what? One Direction


PHS Graduate 2017 💍Future Mrs. Smith💍 I don’t have time for your drama, biss✌️


Nobody can drag me down. ~Made in A.M. I'm in love with a Irish boy♥ Nialler❤


Emma J Hassall

I love one direction but Harry the most. I love the colour turquoise and mint green. I am 14 but soon to be 15 I have a best friend called Meg

jada lei

♡Fer Penitas♡

Sospecha que soy un pirata y robaré su flor❤ †

Kayla Styles

i always wanted to see one direction they are my life. everyone may say they are gay, stupid, ect. but directionators never take me down! I LOVE 1D FOREVER!!

f:Amelia Raven

Armani Butts

f:محمد ابوشهد