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I like dogs, and i love to sing

f:Mayara Prado


i am a one directioner and im sorry if u dont like them but i also love horses so there will be alot on that too if u follow me i will follow back i promise ❤️

layne marie

Olivia Maisie Styles

f:Eyruselem Jones

Hi I love One Direction ive been a DIRECTIONER ❤️since 2010 in the XFactor i3/51D goal 1,000F xbox : Directioner23r4


I am a fun loving 12 year old girl:3

f:Elise Cook


PHS Graduate 2017 💍Future Mrs. Smith💍 I don’t have time for your drama, biss✌️

f:Jenny Smilie

ShaylaArchie -Styles

notice me @onedirection !!!! gymnastics ,track ,volleyball ,cheerleading !!!!!! YOU OBVIOUSLY LOVE ONE DIRECTION

Lindsey McQuain

One Direction. One Direction. One Direction. One Direction. One Direction. One Direction. One Direction. One Direction. & guess what? One Direction

Sarah Lockaby

jada lei


Nobody can drag me down. ~Made in A.M. I'm in love with a Irish boy♥ Nialler❤

Megan London

Vas Happenin'? I love 1D!!! Fabulouis, PhenomiNiall, Amazayn, BrilLiam, ExtraordinHarry. One Direction + The Janoskians = Perfection 333 ~;]]

Denise Aldrich

Emma J Hassall

I love one direction but Harry the most. I love the colour turquoise and mint green. I am 14 but soon to be 15 I have a best friend called Meg



I love one direction I fancy @real_liam_Payne

Sara I

f:Cailyn Friday

f:Olivia Rodriguez


one direction/books/music

f:Larissa Marques

👯My twins【 @hi_tamu1206 】👯 : 16age : Dir様 繋がろおおおおおおおおう⤴︎ ⤴︎ タメ語でいいから、ね!うん、繋がろう、絡もうア゛ア゛ア゛ア゛ア゛👮🏻🚨


you can find me in a world full of boybands and starbucks


Armani Butts

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