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Wassup people, I'm live on #twitcasting from my Android.
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Kris Tyler (7) @f:881835395218892
Why dont you have someone else write somethin about myself cuz i dont know wat to say!

ive lived since i was born real shit/ n i stay on ice like seal shit/ uhh n fuck you fuckin hatas/ got me shootin up n down like escalaters/ yall steady spittin worthless shit/ im picture perfect bitch/ swishers n bud burn dat shit/ life story, i done earned to spit/ in yall nigga faces til you learn to quit/ yall nasty den urnal shit/ im flashy den personal gliss/ drown her in yo piss/ ion cerrr im jus kri$/ so yall can lick dis/ kiss my dick snitch/ say da wrong thang n my fist'll twitch/
im not da best lookin, but i am da best dressed/ no im not a bullet, but i am da vest/  yall can call me nuts, but ion give a fuck, i got it like gates got bucks, im on it like brakes on a bus. i hit it like i do cuz you hatin on us, well jus me, hell must be, da hottest fuckin place, cuz das where yall burnin cuz you got up in my face. life dont matter, we all gone die eventually, destinys are never wat dey meant to be. dis wat god was sent to see, us  fuckin up his world n cussin in our sentencing, i own dis game i never rent a thing you aint clever if you bring a knife to a gun fight, n if you ever think for one night, you better den me, i flip you over n cook you til you done twice.

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Wassup people, I'm live on #twitcasting from my Android.
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Wassup people, I'm live on #twitcasting from my Android.
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