Hey guys is Christie Dobbs surprise well everybody

Hey guys is Christie Dobbs surprise well everybody’s been asking me a question so here’s the answer Soon on August 11 will be my 35th birthday but I don’t know what time to do it because I am going to do a live feed party and invite everybody to come because likely I don’t have anybody to hang out with because likely the coronavirus 19 has completely destroyed my idea for my birthday so if any of you want to send me a birthday card or anything or are you just want to talk or anyone DME on Twitter I have Instagram I have Facebook please let me know by posting a comment under this I don’t know what time alone do this but soon I’ll let you know
PS to everybody else I love you guys I really do appreciate your friendship and trying to help me through this really bad time next time let me know what time you want to party I love you all hugs and kisses